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Rosh Hashana Message

Teshuvah. Tefilah and Tzedakah ma’avirim et ro’a hagezerah! 

Repentance. Prayer and Donations avert an evil decree!

The Torah does not describe this day as Rosh Hashanah or as Yom Hadin, but as the day of Zichron Teruah, remembering the shofar blasts at Sinai. 

The sages do teach us to relate to this day as a day of judgment, but its character need not be scary. Instead, we celebrate our original encounter with the Divine by reflecting on who we are. It’s the perfect day to ask ourselves - what is my personal life story? How can I be a part of God’s?

So I will ask, during this high holiday season, if you might partner with us in learning and teaching Torah. I’m sure it’s one humble way among many others available to you, to express that you see yourself as part of the larger story that our Creator is weaving. We’re certainly grateful to be supported by all of you.

You know at least one of the Rabbi Tank's projects listed below. Traveling all America to help the needy. 

We’re so grateful for your support and would love to have you aboard on all our projetcs:



Fri, July 3 2020 11 Tammuz 5780