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About Us


Rabbi Ovadiah and Esther Tank


Rabbi Ovadiah and Esther Tank are happy to provide spiritual, cultural, social and educational programming for communities around the world. 

We are glad that you have chosen us as your Jewish family. We want to bless and celebrate the happy times in your life, and support you and your loved ones through the difficult times as well.

Rabbi Ovadiah Tank, has a universal ideal for pure faith, ready to abandon the world and cultivate a life of inner tranquility and supreme wisdom.

"According to our sages, every individual whose spirit moves him and whose intelligence gives him the understanding to withdraw from the world to serve G-d and to know G-d, and who walks upright in the manner in which G-d made him, is totally consecrated, and G-d will grant him/her a place in the World to Come".

Rabbi Ovadiah Tank




Register your family 
Click HERE to add your family and ancestors, the day of their birthday and or Yahrtzeit so we can say a special pray for them!

Mi Shebeirach (Praying for the sick) 
Please text or email Rabbi Tank the name you want on the Mi Shiberach list.

Bikur Cholim (Visiting the sick)
Please contact Rabbi Tank at 917-834-4770

Koshering your house or business
Please contact Rabbi Tank at 917-834-4770

Lunch & Learn
Please contact Rabbi Tank at 917-834-4770

Terumah (Offerings)
Now you can give your Maaser and Tzedakah HERE


Wed, April 8 2020 14 Nisan 5780